My Awkward Introduction

Hello you! Thank you for joining me at Maybe Someday. I am simply one reader out of thousands in the world that has decided to embark on a book blog adventure. I thought I would start this off with a little introduction.

My name is Sadie and I live in sunny California. I am a single mom to an awesome little girl named Ems, and I am a full-time student at a local college. I am currently studying to become a Clinical Medical Assistant and a Professional Coder. I have about a year left in my schooling, so my posts my be a little sporadic until then. I hope y’all can keep with me!

The name for my book blog will be recognized by many as it is the name of a very popular book by the one and only Colleen Hoover. I have thought about creating a book blog for years, but never sat down to do any research on the topic. I always told myself, maybe someday. Well, today is finally the day! I did it. I have created my first ever book blog, and I am very excited about it.

I am a lover of all genres. I try to keep an open-mind when it comes to books because I was taught at a young age that it is a wonderful thing to broaden your horizons. Right now I am reading a lot of Romance and many of its sub-genres. I am also a lover of Young Adult books.

To give you you readers a little insight as to who I enjoy the most I thought I would provide a list of my top ten favorite authors.

J.K. Rowling – Harry Potter is the reason I am such an avid reader today.
Colleen Hoover – Maybe Someday was part of the inspiration for my book blog name.
Brittainy C. Cherry – The Air He Breathes has been my favorite read of 2016 thus far.
Harper Sloan – Axel was my first ever BBF (book-boyfriend).
Tarryn Fisher – Mud Vein took root in my soul and hasn’t left since.
Kiera Cass – The Selection series is my second favorite young adult series.
Deborah Harkness – The All Souls trilogy was definitely a series out of my normal realm, but it was superb.
Pepper Winters – The Indebted series brought out the darkness in me.
Richelle Mead – Simply because she gave me Dimitri Belikov in the Vampire Academy series.
Tijan – She gives me enough angst and drama to last me for a lifetime.
Well there it is folks! My very first post! I hope it didn’t bore you too much and I look forward to interacting with all of you.


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