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26595577Thizz, A Love Story by Nicole Loufas


In 2006, while the San Francisco Bay Area was immersed in the Hyphy Movement – Dani was fleeing the city for the small coastal town of Eureka. With a past she wants to forget and a future that may be out of reach – Dani finds Thizz and her world turns inside out.

Matt fell in love with Dani the first time he saw her. He also knew whatever drove her from San Francisco to Eureka in her last semester of high school wasn’t something she wanted to share. When she finally started to open up, Matt hesitated just long enough for his best friend Nick to swoop in. Forced to sit and watch their relationship grow, Matt also learns of Dani’s obsession with Thizz. He secretly feeds her addiction in a desperate attempt to win her heart.

When a school project uncovers a disturbing link between Dani’s parents and Nick’s uncle, Matt is torn between his loyalty to Nick and his feelings for Dani as he tries to convince Dani that her life is in real danger; while persuading Nick to turn on his uncle to save the girl they love.




Thizz, A Love Story is Nicole Loufas’ debut novel, and she hit it right out of the park!

In the era of 2006, Myspace, Thizz (aka ecstasy), Mac Dre, and partying were the things to get into in the Bay Area.

The Characters:

Dani – I felt a real connection with Dani, a girl who was lost after suffering a terrible tragedy. After isolating herself for the duration of her time in Eureka, Dani,  a girl that has become very introverted, is now thrust into the life of the popular crowd after Nick Marino catches her eye. Not knowing how to cope, Dani becomes succumbed to the euphoria that coincides with thizz.

Matt – Since the first time he saw Dani, he knew she was different. Beyond her aloof personality was a girl that was longing to be accepted and loved. If only Matt got to her first. Matt decides that friends with Dani is better than nothing at all. After all, he can’t really blame his best friend Nick for winning Dani’s heart. He’s been the ultimate best friend to Nick since they were kids. Can he continue to live up to his reputation now that Dani is in the mix?

Nick – Things weren’t supposed to go this way. Trying to impress his Uncle Will, Nick decides that getting into the family business is the right way to go. If he wants to earn his uncles respect then pushing thizz across the Bay Area is the right way to do it. Nick doesn’t want the money that coincides with his family name, he wants to make a name for himself. Meeting Dani came out of the blue, and with her, came an endless amount of trouble.

Their party days catch up to them, and after every twist and turn you are plunged into an even deeper story. One minute it is all fun and games and the next minute these three naive teenagers are thrown into a world they weren’t quite ready for.

The Romance:

The love triangle between Nick, Dani, and Matt is almost nonexistent. ALMOST. Dani has always thought Matt was someone she could never have. When his best friend Nick decides to start paying attention to her she questions it. Why would Nick Marino, the most popular boy in school, want to date her? Matt knows he needs to keep his feelings in check if he wants to remain friends with Nick, but can he truly stay away from Dani? When Dani starts realizing she may have feelings for Matt, will she give up on her relationship with Nick? This realistic teenage drama will keep your head spinning.

Things I Loved About the Book:

I was able to really relate to this book because in 2006 I was 16, and at that time I was going through a rough period in my life. I, too, spent some time with thizz. I was able to really connect to Matt, Dani, and Nick because I have felt everything they felt while on thizz and it made the book an even better experience. Dani was the perfect “victim” in this book. She is in a very vulnerable state after losing people she was close with and in turn needed ways to numb her pain. After all, why feel when you can shut everything off? I particularly loved the first party scene that Dani attended. When Matt got onto the dance floor and started doing the thizzle dance I just about lost it! Not many will know what that is, but for those that have listened to Mac Dre will have a good idea.


I would highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone that is willing to listen! It does deal with themes that involve death and substance abuse.


Rating: 5 Stars Flowers Pink


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