ARC April: Week 2 Progress

Maybe Someday Reviews

Wow! This second week went by pretty fast. I was slower at getting my ARCs done this week, so I didn’t complete as many. Want to know how many I finished? Two. Yep, two! I’m pretty proud of myself for even completing that many because school has kept me busy. I’m having a lot of fun with this challenge so far and I can’t wait to see how many more ARCs I can complete before the month is up!

Want to know what I read? Let’s take a look!

Books Read:


Want to check out the reviews? Here they are!

Moto by M. Never

My Perfect Mistake by Kelly Siskind


4 thoughts on “ARC April: Week 2 Progress

  1. Two is definitely good! I read 2 books this past week as well, and I think that’s the fastest I’ve read books this entire school year (man, I miss how much free time I had in high school). I’m so happy that the semester is almost over and that I’ll have 4 months to catch up on my TBR pile!


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