2016 ARC August Challenge


Many thanks to Read.Sleep.Repeat. for hosting this challenge! When it gets closer to starting I will add my list of ARCs I plan on trying to tackle during the month of August.

It’s that time of year when we look at all the ARCs we’ve acquired from Netgalley, Edelweiss, publishers, BEA, RWA, ALA and friends alike and try our damndest to make a dent in that teetering pile. The rules are simple. Any ARC, old or new, physical or ebook, tour or publisher provided. As long as it is an ARC it counts towards this challenge. You can be as optimistic about your goal (20 ARCs in August? SURE!) or laid back (eh..3) as you want! This challenge is solely for YOUR benefit. It’s your chance to clear your shelves and get those Netgalley ratios up!

If you participated in ARC April I want to announce that we will be following the same tiered point system with ARC August. If you missed that (I’m not sad…ok yes I am) the system will go as follows:

1-4 ARCs read for the month = The Bronze Reader Level

5-9 ARCs read for the month = The Silver Reader Level

10-15 ARCs read for the month = The Gold Reader Level

16+ ARCs read for the month = The Diamond Reader Level

For each tier, one winner will be selected to receive a prize. The following list of prizes is TENTATIVE, since this post is going live in JANUARY. But any changes will be announced.

Bronze = Shelly & I are headed to BEA this year and I’m sure we could score some pretty cool totes and swag for this tier!

Silver = $10 Bookoutlet gift card. This is open INT!

Gold = $20 TBD gift card This is open INT!

Diamond = 1 ARC of your choosing from a stack to be pictured closer to sign up. Again this is open INT!

What Am I Reading?


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