Review Policy



If you are interested in having your book reviewed on my blog, please read my preferences before sending in your request.

Genres I will read and review:


Romance, Contemporary, New Adult, Young Adult, Fantasy, & Erotica


Biographies, Comics/Graphics, Non-Fiction, & Science Fiction


My Reviewing Policy:

Any and ALL reviews will be posted no matter the rating. Any books that are a part of a blog tour, blitz release, etc. must have a 3 star review or higher in order for it to be included in the post. If for any reason it gets below 3 stars I will post only promo material and will wait to post my review ONE WEEK after the book has gone live. You will be emailed immediately after completion of the book only if I have given the book below 3 stars.


Things to Expect From My Review

  • Synopsis
  • Book Cover
  • Rating
  • Publication Information
  • Release Date
  • Genre

Review Content: Positive or negative feelings/thoughts on the book being reviewed.

***This has been updated. Past reviews may not reflect what is shown above.***



Do you want to request a review?
You can send me an email at or check out my social media accounts for other ways to contact me!  I also have a contact page. Take note of the following:

I prefer print copies but also accept e-copies in Kindle (mobi) and ePub formats.
I may decline your request if I am not interested in your novel or if it does not fit my reviewing criteria.
If I don’t respond within one week, I’m probably not interested in your request. I do try to make sure that no matter if I am interested or not, to send you a follow-up email to let you know.



***I guarantee that all of my reviews are, in no manner, biased or dishonest.***